Mimri Launches Official BETA for Video Social Network App, Response Blows Away Expectations

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 11, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Weeks of anticipation culminated into a huge day for Mimri, the Charlotte-based video social network, as they officially launched their full BETA last Friday.

Seeking to challenge the current social media landscape with a new set of values, Mimri, lead by its CEO, Brian Evans, has been diligently preparing the opening moves of its conquest into one of the most competitive markets on the planet: Social Media. Instead of rushing into the market, Mimri has been patiently refining its vision as it focuses on nailing the fundamentals of its mobile application.

All of this patience is finally paying off. According to Mimri, preregistration for the BETA program grew steadily leading up to the April 8th release, and the team was overwhelmed with an avalanche of users requesting a spot in the BETA

“We’ve been obsessive about executing on this idea of an authenticity-driven social network,” Evans continues, “It seems like such an oxymoron, but there’s no reason a platform, if designed correctly, can’t deliver on such an idea. [There’s] been a lot of skepticism and pushback so far on whether or not this goal is one that can be realized.”

Alex Yurkowski, co-founder at Mimri, expressed relief that the first full BETA is now underway and appears to validate the concept.

“After investing months of my time into a singular goal like this, it’s extremely liberating to finally exhale and let it out into the world. I was so ready for the unbiased input you get from early adopters, but had no idea there would be this much input at our disposal. [The] product will be worlds ahead of where it would have been on launch day as a result this BETA program.”

Mimri hopes to leverage its current momentum through the next few phases of its growth, however, all eyes stay locked on the imminent full release of the application. Current estimates for this release point to a delivery date of June 1, though Mimri insists that the exact delivery will vary slightly based on Apple’s approval process.

“As a company, we want to extend a massive ‘thank you’ to every single person who signed up for our BETA program. And thank you for waiting. We abhor the idea of putting out something mediocre, and our BETA testers are the ones refusing to let us. [We] consider you the driving force behind what we do – you are the pioneers that will make this the next big social network.”

You can request an invite to Mimri’s invite-only “phase two” release here: http://www.mimri.co/

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