Project Management App ‘ClickUp’ Opens Headquarters in Palo Alto

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Mango Technologies has opened the new headquarters of ClickUp, it’s project management app launching in November, in Palo Alto to serve as a primary base of operations and to house the growing sales and development teams.

ClickUp is the second major product from Mango Technologies, an entirely self-funded team of 20-something entrepreneurs who collectively boast competencies ranging from founding and scaling startups to nuclear engineering to building and managing sales teams at Fortune 500 companies.

With ClickUp, Mango Technologies is hoping to deliver an immediate project management solution to [unique, concrete market with good connotations: i.e. tech startups looking to grow aggressively].

Existing players with imposing valuations already litter the industry, ranging from Asana, a lightweight solution which recently raised $50 million from Silicon Valley icons such as Sam Altman and Mark Zuckerberg,  to JIRA, a heavy-duty system whos parent company Atlassian currently has a market capitalization of over $6 billion.

However, ClickUp is confident it’s fresh approach will be able to penetrate the market and allow it to develop into a major business.

When asked what caused them to begin down such an ambitious road, Brian Evans, the Founder and CEO of Mango Technologies, had the following to say:

“Most of our projects begin as something else, only for us to hit an obstacle along the way that ends up lacking a satisfactory solution. Your gut reaction is always frustration, but we’ve slowly learned these moments are goldmines for business opportunities.”

It was from within this framework that ClickUp began.

“We’ve tried every project management tool out there.. but every time we ended up [with] a long list of problems that made our lives miserable. Realizing a potential market, we defined exactly what would need to change relative to all the tools currently in the marketplace – mostly from an architecture and functionality standpoint – and fleshed out a blueprint for [our] ideal solution. As soon as we finished, we knew we had something people would as much as we do.”

The ethos of ClickUp is to eliminate the headaches that pollute all the other project management solutions. As a result, the entire team is emphatic about reducing complexity at every step of every process.

“We want ClickUp to be invisible to the people who use it. It’s not about endless features tailored at managers – [instead] every decision is about reducing the friction involved in building great products,” Evans said.

Though success is still uncertain, Mango Technologies hopes to stack the deck in it’s favor by leveraging their product experience, executional expertise, and passion for user experience to release ClickUp with maximum impact this November.

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