ClickUp Embraces Work ‘Mindfulness’

Palo Alto based ClickUp aims to make employees at all levels of a project more engaged and invested in their work.

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/

ClickUp, a project management startup focusing on machine learning and customization, has plans to infuse mindfulness into the business software of teams across the globe.

The team sees its entry into the project management industry as an opportunity for a new approach to design – one that gives workers mindfulness of purpose.

Mindfulness of purpose, the general awareness one has of how their contributions fit into the larger scheme of things, is something ClickUp believes has been lost in much of today’s fragmented work culture.

Aside from the obvious economic losses stemming from unengaged employees, the startup claims that a workforce lacking an understanding of the bigger picture is unable to create groundbreaking or original products.

To solve the problem, Click up wants to break each worker out of their isolated world by infusing every task with context and meaning.

CEO Zeb Evans added, “Enabling your team to feel the impact they’re having on the project is amazing. Aside from making their work more fulfilling, you’re able to inspire an emotional investment that manifests as better work getting done at no cost. It’s an obvious win-win.”

By designing with open communication and cross-pollination in mind, the software facilitates novel ideas to emerge in a sort of engineered serendipity.

“Oftentimes companies make everything revolve around efficiency and end up with people that don’t understand why they’re working on something or how it relates to other areas of the business,” Evans explains, “Disruption, innovation, and uniqueness all begin with collaborative workers in an environment conducive to lateral thinking.”

While acknowledging the importance of operational excellence, Click Up insists that not all parts of a project should obsess so intensely over “what’s easy to measure.

ClickUp is available with free and paid versions at

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