Charlotte Marketing Agency ‘Beverly Media’ Wins Contract for Social Application ‘Mimri’


CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Beverly Media, a highly exclusive agency for bringing new brands into the public eye, has recently partnered with Mimri, a Charlotte-based mobile application, assuming the role of its primary marketing agency.

“We’re extremely excited about this deal as it leverages our primary strategic competence: helping technology startups with a social-focus articulate their message in a concise and compelling way,” said Brandi Mealka, a spokesperson for Beverly Media. “We’ve had the privilege of playing with the application in its current stage and our entire team is ecstatic to be working on a project of this scope. The team involved is the most qualified we’ve ever worked with, and we love their mission to be a conduit empowering people to forge and save their memories in a groundbreaking way. I speak on behalf of our entire agency in saying that we can’t wait to help them craft their message.”

Brian Evans, Mimri’s CEO, said, “The responses we’re getting from our early users are blowing our expectations away. We knew we had something special but we had no idea how deeply it would resonate with people.”

Mimri is the first product being launched from its parent company, Mango Technitologies, which is a technology firm focused on building new technologies to help people improve everyday efficiencies. While Mango has multiple projects planned for the future, the current focus is unconditionally on bringing Mimri to market.

The team behind Mimri is composed of tech entrepreneurs with a diverse set of backgrounds and industry experiences, who began working on this project nearly a year ago. While the early months were spent meticulously refining the product, their focus is now on aggressively building up infrastructure in order to support the invite-only period beginning on April 1st.”

You can download the invite-only application at Mimri’s website:

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