ClickUp Embraces Work ‘Mindfulness’

Palo Alto based ClickUp aims to make employees at all levels of a project more engaged and invested in their work.

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/

ClickUp, a project management startup focusing on machine learning and customization, has plans to infuse mindfulness into the business software of teams across the globe.

The team sees its entry into the project management industry as an opportunity for a new approach to design – one that gives workers mindfulness of purpose.

Mindfulness of purpose, the general awareness one has of how their contributions fit into the larger scheme of things, is something ClickUp believes has been lost in much of today’s fragmented work culture.

Aside from the obvious economic losses stemming from unengaged employees, the startup claims that a workforce lacking an understanding of the bigger picture is unable to create groundbreaking or original products.

To solve the problem, Click up wants to break each worker out of their isolated world by infusing every task with context and meaning.

CEO Zeb Evans added, “Enabling your team to feel the impact they’re having on the project is amazing. Aside from making their work more fulfilling, you’re able to inspire an emotional investment that manifests as better work getting done at no cost. It’s an obvious win-win.”

By designing with open communication and cross-pollination in mind, the software facilitates novel ideas to emerge in a sort of engineered serendipity.

“Oftentimes companies make everything revolve around efficiency and end up with people that don’t understand why they’re working on something or how it relates to other areas of the business,” Evans explains, “Disruption, innovation, and uniqueness all begin with collaborative workers in an environment conducive to lateral thinking.”

While acknowledging the importance of operational excellence, Click Up insists that not all parts of a project should obsess so intensely over “what’s easy to measure.

ClickUp is available with free and paid versions at

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ClickUp, Project Management Startup, Targets Design Teams

Click Up is announcing multiple major features for teams with a strong focus on design.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2017

The startup is focusing on design-oriented teams as they believe this represents a large, underserved market.

“Right now most teams are combining Invision with their project management system in order for their designers to create mockups that they can review and edit efficiently. With Click Up, we’re integrating that functionality into our own product so that everything can be done in the same place in an organic way,” said Nik, a designer at ClickUp.

They are hoping that including this functionality will simplify design work and reduce time otherwise spent wastefully.

Nik elaborated, “People underestimate the benefits you get from having everything working together naturally within the same system. It helps every features work smoothly and consistently which means users are never thinking about whether they might end up wasting their time.”

In addition to this, ClickUp has a number of additional features it considers essential when working with designers.

When uploading images to Click Up for your team to review, you are presented with the options to add comments or mockup to the image to communicate precisely what you need.

Many teams use Skitch to capture screenshots on their computers and add markup quickly. This can be done from within ClickUp, letting you save ideas or get a visual for a task with almost no time or effort.

Expanding on this concept, ClickUp also offers a Chrome extension which lets users capture screenshots and import them directly into ClickUp tasks.

The new features are available now on their project management platform.



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ClickUp Gives Teams Ability to Customize Dashboards

Project management startup, Click Up, allows teams to completely customize every aspect of the platform in an aim to empower users.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2017

This allows every team to enable or disable specific combinations of features offered within Click Up. If you want detailed enterprise-level features, they’re at the ready; if you want a simple to-do list, Click Up has you covered.

Hoping to address a number of market segments, the startup is hoping that small teams and large teams alike will be able to put together a unique dashboard that offers them the information, depth, and speed they need to work effectively.

Zeb Evans, founder of Click Up, said, “Historically, teams have been limited to the interface given to them ‘out of the box’. However, we don’t think this is a good model for project management and we’re hoping this product update will help teams get what they need.”

The startup expects users will design completely tailored interfaces that would have been impossible for the company to have anticipated or provided themselves. The “sandbox” approach will ultimately enable users to become more productive.

Elaborating on the demand for the new update, one member of Click Up’s team mentioned that interest in the change has been huge as they roll it out to more users.

“We had requests for this and knew we wanted to explore it to some degree, but now that it’s out it looks like it will have a much bigger impact than we were anticipating,” said Zeb

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ClickUp Ranked Best Project Management Tool on TaskReports

TaskReports has just set ClickUp as the best project management software in their latest release or rankings.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2017

ClickUp received a score of 9.5/10 – the highest of all scores given.

TaskReports is a website which ranks and reviews all available project management software to help businesses decide from the many available options.

The review site emphasizes functionality and design in their rating system, aside from sheer scope of features.

TaskReports had the following to say about ClickUp in their review, “We were shocked by the inherent clarity of this tool leading to the fastest onboarding process of any of the apps we reviewed. We believe that great design will become the new standard for all software, personal or enterprise.”

ClickUp hopes to maintain it’s ranking as it proceeds with a large-scale roll out in the coming months.

The team is prioritizing growth and user acquisition as they shift out of the product development phase.

Brian Evans, CEO of ClickUp, said the following, “We’ve been excited to get ClickUp into people’s hands and are extremely excited at the response we’re seeing so far. The feedback we’ve gotten has surpassed our best-case scenario.”

Learn more about ClickUp at their website:

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Project Management App ‘ClickUp’ Opens Headquarters in Palo Alto

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Mango Technologies has opened the new headquarters of ClickUp, it’s project management app launching in November, in Palo Alto to serve as a primary base of operations and to house the growing sales and development teams.

ClickUp is the second major product from Mango Technologies, an entirely self-funded team of 20-something entrepreneurs who collectively boast competencies ranging from founding and scaling startups to nuclear engineering to building and managing sales teams at Fortune 500 companies.

With ClickUp, Mango Technologies is hoping to deliver an immediate project management solution to [unique, concrete market with good connotations: i.e. tech startups looking to grow aggressively].

Existing players with imposing valuations already litter the industry, ranging from Asana, a lightweight solution which recently raised $50 million from Silicon Valley icons such as Sam Altman and Mark Zuckerberg,  to JIRA, a heavy-duty system whos parent company Atlassian currently has a market capitalization of over $6 billion.

However, ClickUp is confident it’s fresh approach will be able to penetrate the market and allow it to develop into a major business.

When asked what caused them to begin down such an ambitious road, Brian Evans, the Founder and CEO of Mango Technologies, had the following to say:

“Most of our projects begin as something else, only for us to hit an obstacle along the way that ends up lacking a satisfactory solution. Your gut reaction is always frustration, but we’ve slowly learned these moments are goldmines for business opportunities.”

It was from within this framework that ClickUp began.

“We’ve tried every project management tool out there.. but every time we ended up [with] a long list of problems that made our lives miserable. Realizing a potential market, we defined exactly what would need to change relative to all the tools currently in the marketplace – mostly from an architecture and functionality standpoint – and fleshed out a blueprint for [our] ideal solution. As soon as we finished, we knew we had something people would as much as we do.”

The ethos of ClickUp is to eliminate the headaches that pollute all the other project management solutions. As a result, the entire team is emphatic about reducing complexity at every step of every process.

“We want ClickUp to be invisible to the people who use it. It’s not about endless features tailored at managers – [instead] every decision is about reducing the friction involved in building great products,” Evans said.

Though success is still uncertain, Mango Technologies hopes to stack the deck in it’s favor by leveraging their product experience, executional expertise, and passion for user experience to release ClickUp with maximum impact this November.

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Mimri Launches Official BETA for Video Social Network App, Response Blows Away Expectations

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 11, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Weeks of anticipation culminated into a huge day for Mimri, the Charlotte-based video social network, as they officially launched their full BETA last Friday.

Seeking to challenge the current social media landscape with a new set of values, Mimri, lead by its CEO, Brian Evans, has been diligently preparing the opening moves of its conquest into one of the most competitive markets on the planet: Social Media. Instead of rushing into the market, Mimri has been patiently refining its vision as it focuses on nailing the fundamentals of its mobile application.

All of this patience is finally paying off. According to Mimri, preregistration for the BETA program grew steadily leading up to the April 8th release, and the team was overwhelmed with an avalanche of users requesting a spot in the BETA

“We’ve been obsessive about executing on this idea of an authenticity-driven social network,” Evans continues, “It seems like such an oxymoron, but there’s no reason a platform, if designed correctly, can’t deliver on such an idea. [There’s] been a lot of skepticism and pushback so far on whether or not this goal is one that can be realized.”

Alex Yurkowski, co-founder at Mimri, expressed relief that the first full BETA is now underway and appears to validate the concept.

“After investing months of my time into a singular goal like this, it’s extremely liberating to finally exhale and let it out into the world. I was so ready for the unbiased input you get from early adopters, but had no idea there would be this much input at our disposal. [The] product will be worlds ahead of where it would have been on launch day as a result this BETA program.”

Mimri hopes to leverage its current momentum through the next few phases of its growth, however, all eyes stay locked on the imminent full release of the application. Current estimates for this release point to a delivery date of June 1, though Mimri insists that the exact delivery will vary slightly based on Apple’s approval process.

“As a company, we want to extend a massive ‘thank you’ to every single person who signed up for our BETA program. And thank you for waiting. We abhor the idea of putting out something mediocre, and our BETA testers are the ones refusing to let us. [We] consider you the driving force behind what we do – you are the pioneers that will make this the next big social network.”

You can request an invite to Mimri’s invite-only “phase two” release here:

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Charlotte Startup ‘Mimri’ Begins Development for Android Version of Social Media Application


CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 1, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Mimri, a video social media platform currently in it’s BETA, has recently finalized the first version of its iOS application and is accelerating development on it’s Android version of the application due to unexpected demand.

While the official Android release will trail the iOS release, it shouldn’t be far behind and will be getting design iterations as a result of the data gained from the iOS version so that it launches with the benefits of a refined system.

“The game-plan for Mimri has always been to have a cross-platform application, [however] the amount of time and work that you need to develop an app of this scope from scratch on either system is staggering… [new] technologies and platforms typically require a few major iterations before they become a truly compelling product and hit their stride, for us to get to the 2nd and 3rd iteration requires that [we] get a working version on the market as soon as we can… [We’ve] done this by focusing on iOS, but now that we’re collecting data we have the luxury to focus on cross-platform compatibility,” said Brian Evans, the founder and CEO of Mimri.

Amid recent reports that the combined market share for the Android OS has exceeded that of Apple’s iOS which pioneered the industry, the push to complete the Android version is perfectly timed.

“[We] were surprised to find demand for an Android version of our application greatly exceeded what we originally anticipated. While we’ve already made progress on the Android version of the app, we’re now focusing heavily on making sure that we move the development forward as rapidly as possible.”

Different media outlets, research studies, and even companies have offered analyses purporting to show how the market share between iOS and Android has shifted over the past few years, but regardless of the differences among these reports stands the unshakeable consensus that Android has been growing at a staggering speed.

Mr. Evans goes on to explain, “Regardless [of] the exact size of each platform, it’s not exactly groundbreaking news that, when combined, the two platforms compose nearly 100% of the smartphone market. If we were to select only one of the two, we could easily find ourselves throwing away half of our potential user-base.”

Mimri, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, currently boasts a development team of six Android Developers but is accepting applications for additional developers to join their team. “You can’t predict the future, but our confidence in the success of this product is exceedingly high. If you’re an Android developer who can add value to our team and reinforce the passionate culture of our company, we’re interested in talking to you.”

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Social Network ‘Mimri’ Closes Enrollment for First Phase of Launch

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 23, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — After amassing a waitlist of more than 4,000 users for its beta release, Mimri, a new social networking application, is preparing to enter its first phase of distribution. Mimri is a video social network boasting one-minute recording times with a unique emphasis on catalyzing authentic connection.

In addition to the core features, the pre-release version of Mimri will include a number of innovative mechanics designed to create a truly unique social media experience. Most importantly, this includes a number of limitations on superficial interaction – and the importance of retaining memories rather than deleting or losing them in cyberspace.

Brian Evans, the Founder and CEO of Mimri, headquartered in Charlotte, began the project with a specific problem in mind: “Conventional thinking is that social media is invariably shallow.. some [of us] think traditional social media platforms have no capacity for anything outside of playing to one’s ego.”

He goes on to explain, “We’re [becoming] aware of the relentless stream of optimizations carefully crafted to hijack our attention as frequently as possible. This has proven profitable for the giants of social media, but it’s costly in nurturing meaningful and lasting memories. [We’re] forgetting how to share ourselves openly and authentically.”

Mimri asserts there is a chasm between itself and the other applications in this space, a claim that early signups seem to support. The difference is revealed in the details of the design. The Mimri team claims that every single design choice, from the overall structure of the application to the “number of pixels each page element is allowed to occupy”, caters to a completely different set of priorities than traditional social media.

“We want to do away with the obsession toward vanity metrics. And the obsession with posting based on ego. There’s so, so much to every person that this generation has become completely blind to. When this skewed frame of reference is viewed on a historical scale, you find it’s a predicament with a long list of toxic side-effects. We’ve lost sight of all the nuances and mystery waiting to be explored in every person; in our friends, our acquaintances, and many times in ourselves. Our mission is to help you save your life, one mimri at a time.”

Mimri is no longer accepting requests for the BETA distribution, which will be restricted to Testflight, Apple’s developer release platform. Nonetheless, Mimri is actively waitlisting users for its “phase one” public release on May 1st. You can add your name to the waitlist by registering on Mimri’s website:

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Charlotte Marketing Agency ‘Beverly Media’ Wins Contract for Social Application ‘Mimri’


CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Beverly Media, a highly exclusive agency for bringing new brands into the public eye, has recently partnered with Mimri, a Charlotte-based mobile application, assuming the role of its primary marketing agency.

“We’re extremely excited about this deal as it leverages our primary strategic competence: helping technology startups with a social-focus articulate their message in a concise and compelling way,” said Brandi Mealka, a spokesperson for Beverly Media. “We’ve had the privilege of playing with the application in its current stage and our entire team is ecstatic to be working on a project of this scope. The team involved is the most qualified we’ve ever worked with, and we love their mission to be a conduit empowering people to forge and save their memories in a groundbreaking way. I speak on behalf of our entire agency in saying that we can’t wait to help them craft their message.”

Brian Evans, Mimri’s CEO, said, “The responses we’re getting from our early users are blowing our expectations away. We knew we had something special but we had no idea how deeply it would resonate with people.”

Mimri is the first product being launched from its parent company, Mango Technitologies, which is a technology firm focused on building new technologies to help people improve everyday efficiencies. While Mango has multiple projects planned for the future, the current focus is unconditionally on bringing Mimri to market.

The team behind Mimri is composed of tech entrepreneurs with a diverse set of backgrounds and industry experiences, who began working on this project nearly a year ago. While the early months were spent meticulously refining the product, their focus is now on aggressively building up infrastructure in order to support the invite-only period beginning on April 1st.”

You can download the invite-only application at Mimri’s website:

Logo –

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iOS Soft Release: April 1

Mango Technologies announced plans for a limited release of their highly anticipated video social network application. The application (codenamed “timedeck”) aims to provide users a way to share and save their lives.

On April 1, Mango will distribute the iOS application to those who applied to download early on the waiting list. The list, which has grown significantly, marks measurable interest in this kind of application.

While the company declined to release hard statistics on how many users will be invited for the first release, a spokesperson did express the preregistration list has far exceeded expectations and that only a limited amount of users would be invited.